North-East Sardinia Trip

Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, also known as the Italian Maldives for the crystalline sea. It has about 1.65 million inhabitants and with 24,090 km² it is the largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. The capital, Cagliari, lies in the south of the island. Sardinia offers breathtaking landscapes with wild nature and kilometers of white sand beaches as well as archaeological sites.

In this article I am going to tell you a bit more about the north-east of this island, the Olbia – Tempio region, useful information that will make you want to take as soon as possible a flight and reach Sardinia 🙂


In order to visit the north-east of Sardinia you have to land at Olbia Airport, there are connections from the most important European cities like  Amsterdam, Berlin, Bratislava, Lisbon, Munich, Luxembourg, Moscow, Milan, London, Paris, Warsaw, Vienna, Rome etc..

Once you’ve booked your flight, I suggest you to rent a car as it’s the best way to visit the island. The public transport network is good but not enough for tourists needs, you cannot reach some of the most beautiful beaches of the island by bus or train and this is going to be a pity.


It depends if you want to visit or lay down on the beach. If you want to see the little villages, explore the wild nature and visit the archaeological sites the best period is spring but also September and the first half of October. Months like June, July and August are perfect for beach life as it’s going to be really hot (more than 30° Celsius).


  • Lay on the beach style 😉


For sure you cannot miss these beaches: Rena Majore, Santa Reparata Bay, Rena Bianca, Porto Liscia Beach, Isola dei Gabbiani (Seagulls Island), La Sciumara Beach and Sardinia Bay. In some of them there is the possibility to rent a parasol and a lawn chair, be aware that prices differ from beach to beach and period, in August prices reach the highest peak. To live your holiday at best, I suggest you to drive on the north-east coast (for example from Olbia to Santa Teresa di Gallura) so that you can find less touristic beaches.

Another must see destination is the Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park which includes seven islands (La Maddalena, Spargi, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria, Budelli, Razzoli, Caprera). You can visit the two main islands, La Maddalena and Caprera, by car taking the boat in Palau, while for the other islands you can book a one day tour by boat  in Palau harbor.

  • Adventurers 😉

If you want to jump back in time you must go to the Nuraghe Archeological sites near Arzachena city where you can visit eight sites with nuragic complex, giants graves and necropolis.

The giant's grave of Coddu Vecchiu in the archaeological park of Arzachena


Nice small towns to visit in order to know more about the history, traditions, culture and craftsmanship of this region are also Santa Teresa di Gallura (during sunny days is possible to see clearly the Corsica Island), Palau, Tempo Pausania and Cannigione with its salt pans.


As Sardinia is a well-known touristic destination you are spoiled for choice, in fact you can choose between thousands of hotels, apartments to rent, bed&breakfasts, bungalows etc.. Accommodation is a matter of opinion, for example if you like to be free and you don’t want to schedule your day based on meals hours maybe hotels are not the best choice.


Sardinia has an important and typical food culture from starters to desserts, just reserve a table in a farmhouse (Agriturismo in Italian) so that you can taste traditional dishes as gnocchetti sardi (typical sardinian pasta), porceddu (piglet), seadas (typical dessert with puff pastry, cheese and honey) etc..


Hey! Are you still there?? What are you waiting for? Pack your stuff and plan a trip in Sardinia 🙂

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