Effective Marketing of Pills&Drinks

Here we are! Summer, sunny and warm weather, holidays.. but are you fit enough? If the answer is no don't panic, the web is full of companies ready to give you advice and sell you miracle products. Some of them are quite famous like fitvia or natural mojo but there's plenty more. I noticed that this... Continue Reading →

How Brands Manipulate Your Mind

How would you describe yourself as consumer? When you buy a product are you careful  about the price, the quality... ? Or do you simply take the product from the shelf and put it in the basket ? Do you feel better buying a product of a very well known brand, maybe expensive, rather than... Continue Reading →

The Masters of Social Media

It seems that we are surrounded by people who pretend to be the strategist of social media, don't we? Nowadays if you want to be "cool" you MUST have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account and a YouTube channel, not to mention that you have to try every new social media launched on the market. But if... Continue Reading →

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